Is Office Towers a social or business virtual world, or a game?

All of the above. It is both a 'social and business virtual world' and a 'real-time 3D business networking platform'. Similar to what is increasingly being referred to as 'social gaming', with the addition of business elements to also make it a 'serious game'.

What can players do in this virtual game world?

Engage in various business endeavors and social activities that are similar to real life, while exploring spacetime and various other sciences ranging from sub-atomic particles to outer space travel.

You say business world, can users make money?

The virtual world is a player-owned economy, and there are several in-world potential revenue streams, but it is up to users to identify and exploit them. We also offer the opportunity to earn company shares within 3DNPVEI. Please see below for more information.

Is the work made public?

We make a distinction between what is privileged information (within 3DNPVEI), deemed the "Enterprise Level", and what is available to general users being the "Game Level."

What are the technical differences between this and other virtual worlds?

The most important thing to remember is the concept of open standards such as Web3D's ISO-approved X3D. This means that you are not bound to one proprietary system, standing to lose everything if that system folds or is replaced. Open standards ensure that your virtual assets remain usable on other platforms.

What is Web3D?

Through its coordinated efforts with the ISO and W3C, the Web3D Consortium is a non-profit international standards organization devoted to the development and advancement of an open standards, royalty free 3D interchange format, along with tools to represent and communicate 3D scenes and objects between diverse authoring and presentation hardware and software on the Web, distributed networks and mobile devices.

Does it mean it's open source?

No, open standards are not the same as open source. The virtual world and the game server are not open source, to the contrary, encryption is used to protect intellectual property.

But you say "Applying an open source development paradigm to a commercially collaborative 3D Web enterprise". Can you elaborate?

The goal is for each of our members to contribute their best interests towards a common end product. This, much like with open source software development. But why should there be no structure for developers to gain more than just name recognition for their work? Our premise is that, it is not the individual properties of objects that have value, but the quality of the relationship that they have with each other that creates value. Thus, we believe that, as value is realized, such value should return to the contributors in the form of commercial gains as applicable.

What positions can I apply for at the Enterprise Level?

Several positions are currently available. Apply here (Must be 18 years or older. A Non-Disclosure Agreement 'NDA' is required.).

How can I share my 3D content?

Many 3D files can be exported to VRML/X3D directly from the editor in which they were created. Simply submit your material to us and, if accepted, we may negotiate share values in exchange for it.

This is not to be confused with participation in the world at the Game Level, where users will retain ownership of their respective contributions and assets, and, as such, be responsible for their own earnings.

Can I connect my own world?

Yes, the public chat service and other multiuser features of the X3DaemonTM Multiuser Network Server are being made available at no charge.