3DNPVEI - 14 months later...

What is known as the Web City Office Towers 3D World has recently grown at a phenomenal rate. The original world has been rebuilt and improved upon, fast becoming a metropolis. Arguably the largest Web3D world ever built.

Thanks to our evolving X3Daemon(tm) Multi-User Network Server, this world is multi-user with support for password protected login, shared events (for doors and soon elevators), moveable objects (such as furniture and vehicles), avatar selection, body gestures, and includes text chat, notification emails and activity logs as well. It is backed-up with a fully functional MySQL project management utility which includes forums, calendar, project scheduling, user admin and tasks list. Other in-world features are camera views, movie textures, realistic sky, etc. Most buildings can be entered, getting ready to setup virtual business offices and other commercial activities.

Our talented team has dedicated much time building and programming this world during the last year since we began the project. 3DNPVEI is structured as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and actual shares of this world are being earned and distributed as we speak. As many of you already know, we have a software license agreement with Bitmanagement Software GmbH of Germany for the use of their Contact viewing and encryption applications.

If you have been sitting on the fence about joining or if you have Web3D assets you'd like to contribute, please wait no longer. In preparation for our beta release, we need additional experienced VRML/X3D coders and designers. Participate with us in the construction of a world that can make a difference. This type of endeavor requires the participation of a large number of contributors working together in order to be successful. 3DNPVEI is structured to support it and now has over a year of organization and development to prove it.

Please see 3dnpvei.com for details on how you can apply for membership. This is free but we will expect your contribution before access to the world and other facilities can be granted.

If, on the other hand, you only want to see the world, please go to www.officetowers.com to register for the alpha version.

We also have plans for making the X3Daemon(tm) Multi-User Network Server available to developers after it enters beta later this year. Look for future announcements. Thanks for listening.