Hallandale, Florida (PRWEB) December 1, 2008 -- 3DNPVEI is announcing the simultaneous unveiling of its X3Daemon(tm) Multiuser Network Server beta and the vastly expanded Office Towers(tm) Virtual World. This expected move will further 3DNPVEI's position in both the 3D client-server technology and the 3D Web social and serious business game virtual world markets.

The X3Daemon(tm) 3D Multiuser Network Server beta is a Unix based first stage release hosted by 3DNPVEI. Web3D developers can now add a rich set of multiuser features to existing virtual worlds hosted with the provider of their choice on any platform. For example, the ability to add shared events to objects such as doors, elevators, furniture, vehicles and avatars with gesture control in those worlds, in addition to provide chat, group services and logging.

The Office Towers(tm) Virtual World is a 3D virtual metropolis located on the fallen continent of Atlantis, where avatars can enter buildings and occupy office space for actual business purposes. Notable features are in-world Flash(tm) movie rendering, moveable furniture, realistic sky with planetary movements and star systems during virtual nighttime. The world which works much like computer and console games, demonstrates the server's capabilities on Windows(tm) computers using the Bitmanagement GmbH visualization plugin and popular Web browsers.


3DNPVEI, formed in 2007, is comprised of international members collaborating on the development and implementation of Web3D technologies. Its first product the X3Daemon(tm) Multiuser Network Server, is destined to enable the massive interconnection of standards-based virtual worlds while focusing on the usability of interactive environments with revenue potential.

About Bitmanagement GmbH

Bitmanagement GmbH develops and markets a product portfolio of visualization software, consisting of visualization software (BS Contact VRML/X3D, MPEG-4, Geo, Stereo and Mobile), documentation for animation programming as well as different tools for workflow optimization.

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